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BioChecked™ has several independent third party certification programs for businesses, organizations, producers and individuals that have become or want to become leaders in environmental and health friendly actions.

Our brands have become the leading industry “Marks of Consumer Environmental Health Awareness”.

NON GMO CERTIFIEDOur top two, BioChecked Non GMO Certifed™ and BioChecked Non GMO Verified™ brand programs certify producers have provided to us laboratory results or have gone through a vigorous ingredient supply chain analysis that their produce or products are Non GMO. 

BioChecked Non GMO Certified™ – For Single Input  (Cucumbers, etc.)

BioChecked Non GMO Verified™ – For Multiple Input (Snack Bar, Chips, etc.)

Producers that use our trusted NON GMO CERTIFIED™/VERIFIED™ brands are producers who care about your family and what they put into their bodies. That is why they go the extra mile to provide you with an independent third party witness to their GMO free laboratory certifications/results. The United States does not mandate GMO labeling or even recommend labeling. However our producers want you to have peace of mind when you purchase produce and products with our trusted NON  GMO CERTIFIED™ seal.

Public opinion polls in the US and abroad reveal that the large majority of consumers are wary of  GMO crops and plants. As a result, agricultural producers and manufacturers have found that NON GMO can be a socially responsible statement.

People everywhere have the right to know if their food has been genetically modified. Do to the lack of government regulation on labeling of consumer products, producers and manufactures have taken it upon themselves to label their food as NON GMO.  Fortunately, we have taken this one step further.

We allow these same producers and manufacturers to participate in our BioChecked NON GMO CERTIFIED™ and BioChecked NON GMO VERIFIED™ programs by having their produce, seeds, feed and processed foods tested by leading, independent, genetic testing laboratories.  Once their products meet and maintain our standards/threshold we allow these producers to put our NON GMO CERTIFIED™/VERIFIED™ brand on their marketing and product labels. Currently, BioChecked NON GMO CERTIFIED™ and Non GMO VERIFIED™ has the tightest NON GMO standards* in the world.


Threshold –
0.1% – seed
0.5% – human food, ingredients, supplements, personal care products, and other products that are either ingested or used directly on skin
0.8% – animal feed and supplements

Standards –

All producers and manufactures must clearly prove and maintain their products and produce as NON GMO. They are also required to test by an approved laboratory on an regular basis.

BioChecked™  started implementing independent third party certification for Glyphosate Free in 2012.  Our Glyphosate Free Certified™ brand became an overnight success early on and was rebranded as BioChecked Non Glyphosate Certified in the fall of 2016. Consumers are requesting TRUTH in labeling! Consumers are demanding our food products and produce are free from harsh chemicals! Producers are proud to let those consumers know they understand their desires.

BioChecked™ is the largest independently owned third party certification company in the U.S.. Our certifications are found in five countries. Our corporate offices are located in the Sunshine State of Florida and we have representatives in Pennsylvania and South Dakota.

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