Open Letter To Parents

As the Executive Director of BioChecked, a past farmer, a 4-H and FFA leader, I feel it’s important to share with all parents the #1 reason I find Genetic Modification and the use of herbicides like Glyphosate such a threat to human health. I believe we have a basic human fundamental responsibility to make sure our posterity and mankind in general know and understands the potential hazards to changing the basic DNA of life of any organism.  We here at BioChecked all stand behind this report as science based knowledge that every human should understand. This report and the signatures on it, have lead the BioChecked board and staff to believe that the world has a whole and for the general health and survival of humanity to STOP all Genetic Modification of any kind where there is not a controlled containment from the spread and release into nature.  PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO REVIEW:  World Scientists  Statement on GMOs


Scott Prentice

Executive Director

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