Garden Lites – Adds 7 New Products GMO FREE to lineup!


BioChecked™ Would like to welcome Classic Cooking LLC as its newest Non Genetically Engineered Certified™ Client with Garden Lites Chocolate Muffin, Garden Lites Blueberry Oat Muffin, Garden Lites Blueberry Oat Muffin, Garden Lites Carrot Berry Muffin, Garden Lites Kale & Brown Rice Veggie Bites, Garden Lites Broccoli & Brown Rice Veggie Bites and Garden Lites Mac & Cheese.

Pioneering truly nutritious foods.

Garden Lites is on a mission to create DELICIOUS foods that are truly healthy because every one of their products is veggie-rich with vegetables as its first ingredient.  Why veggies?  Because the one message on health that has never changed is “eat your vegetables”.

They offer foods made with clean/simple ingredients, but go a step further to deliver the nutrition consumers are seeking. As pioneers in this movement, Garden Lites is bringing solutions that meet the next stage in the ever evolving consumer definition of healthy food – delicious veggie-rich foods.

Contact – Classic Cooking, LLC

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